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Miriam's Cup: Passover Songbook

Music by Debbie Friedman
Lyrics by Debbie Friedman based on traditional text

Ya la la la la la...
We bless You God
You have nourished all the world
With goodness, graciousness and kindness
May You give food and life to every living thing
May we all learn to do the ssme

And so we thank the One
Who gives us food for life
May we provide for every living soul
Ba-ruch a-tah A-do-nai ha-zan et ha-kol

We thank You, God, for the legacy we share
For the rich fertile land that we inherit
For the gift of freedom, of Torah and of life
Every day, every season, every hour

You give us food to live
You give us strength to give
Every day, every moment with b'ra-cha
No-deh Lach, no-deh L'cha
We say to-da ra-ba
B'chol eit u-v'chol sha-a

Ka-ka-tuv, it is written in Torah
You will eat, you will drink and you'll be sated
Then you will bless the One
Who has given you this world
Who has filled it with beauty and with life
We'll guard this earth, these lands
The torrent seas and sands
All the seeds that we have not yet sown
For land so rich and full
We give our thanks to You
Al ha-a-retz v'al ha-ma-zon

O You, the God of our present and our past
Please remember those who came before us
And care for us as we pray for Y'ru-sha-la-yim
The city of wholeness and peace

We ask that we be blessed
With everything that's good
That every blessing make our lives more whole
That every one of us
Be strengthened by Your light
Ba-kol, mi-kol, kol, kol

O, Source of compassion
Through the ages we've been blessed
May we build this city of peace
And may all people make it a place of peace and freedom
In our day, now, the time has come

We bless the Source of all
Who builds Jerusalem
With compassion in our day
Bo-neh b'ra-cha-mav Y'ru-sha-la-yim A-men

We bless You. O God, who has taught us what is good
Hei-tiv, mei-tiv, yei-tiv
You have sustained us and blessed us now and at all times
Chein va-che-sed v'ra-cha-mim

Ya la la la la la...
Ha-ra-cha-man, Your love surrounds us now and forever more
Ha-ra-cha-man, bring truth and justice to Heaven and to Earth
Ha-ra-cha-man, all generations will glorify and praise You
Ha-ra-cha-man, You give us honor, may we live with dignity
Ha-ra-cha-man, You give us freedom,
may we help those imprisoned
Ha-ra-cha-man, here at this table, we nourish one and all
Ha-ra-cha-man, bless us with vision, a better world we promise
Ha-ra-cha-man, the One of Mercy, be with us, Ha-ra-cha-man

Ha-ra-cha-man, the One of Mercy,
You give us days of goodness.
Ha-ra-cha-man, the One of Mercy, You give us sacred times.

O-seh sha-lom bim-ro-mav hu ya-a-seh sha-lom
A-lei-nu v'al kol Yis-ra-eil, v'al ko yosh-vei tei-veil
V'im-ru A-men.