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Miriam's Cup: Passover Songbook

Traditional melody tor Eiliyahu Hanavi
Hebrew lyrics by Leila Gal Bemer

Mir'yam ha-n'vi-a oze v'zim-ra b'ya-da.
Mir'yam, tir'kod i-ta-nu, l'hag-dil zim-rat o-lam.
Mir'yam, tir'kod i-ta-nu, l'ta-kein et ha-o-lam.
Bim-hei-ra v'ya-mei-nu (hi) t'vi-ei-nu
El mei ha-y'shu-a (2x)

Miriam the Prophet, strength and song are in her hand.
Miriam will dance with us to strengthen the world's song.
Miriam will dance with us to heal the world.
Soon, and in our time, she will lead us to the waters of salvation.

Music by Debbie Friedman
Lyrics based on Psalm 118:1-2

Ho-du la-do-nai ki tov,
Ki l'o-lam chas-do (2x)

Yo-mar na (2x) Yis-ra-eil
Ki l'o-lam chas-do (2x)

[Repeat Chorus]

Let all who revere God's name now say, "Ki l'o-lam chas-do."
Sing praise to the One for God is good, "Ki l'o-lam chas-do."

[Repeat Chorus]

Give thanks to Adonai, for God Is good, God's mercy endures for ever.
So let Israel now say, God's mercy endures for ever.

Music by Debbie Friedman
Lyrics from Psalm 150

Ha-l'lu-ya (4x)
Ha-l'lu eil b'kod-sho
Ha-l'lu-hu bir-ki-a u-zo
Ha-l'lu-hu big-vu-ro-tav
Ha-l'lu-hu k'rov gud-lo

Ha-l'lu-ya (4x)

Ha-l'lu-hu b'tei-ka sho-far
Ha-l'lu-hu b'nei-vel v'chi-nor
Ha-l'lu-hu b'tof u-ma-chol
Ha-l'lu-hu b'mi-nim v'u-gav

Ha-l'lu-ya (4x)

Ha-l'lu-hu b'tzil-tz'lei sha-ma
Ha-l'lu-hu b'tzil-tz'lei t'ru-a
Kol ha-n'sha-ma t'ha-leil ya (2x)

Ha-l'lu-ya (8x)

Praise God in God's sanctuary:
Praise God whose power the heavens proclaim.
Praise God for God's mighty acts;
Praise God for God's surpassing greatness.
Praise God with shofar blast;
Praise God with harp and lute.
Praise God with drum and dance;
Praise God with strings and pipe.
Praise God with cymbals sounding;
Praise God with cymbals resounding.
Let every soul praise God.