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        Miriam's Cup: Biography

Miriam's Cup honors...

1998 Letty Cottin Pogrebin

1999 Henrietta Szold

2000 Hannah Szenes

2001 Ruth Gruber

2002 Emma Lazarus

2003 Golda Meir

2004 Bella Abzug

2005 Rebecca Gratz

2006 Ruth Bader Ginsburg

2007 Ruth Messinger

2008 Sophie Tucker

2009 Rachel Bluwstein

2010 Rosalyn Yalow

2011 Eleanor K. Baum

2012 Nechama Leibowitz

2013 Rita Levi-Montalcini

2014 Edith Windsor

2015 Ruth Westheimer

2016 Glückl of Hameln

2017 Gloria Steinem

2018 Sheryl Sandberg

2019 Lillian D. Wald

2020 Gertrude Elion

2021 Selena Solomons



Hidden and ignored, Jewish women have been written out of history!

Remember important Jewish women at your Passover Seder by telling their stories.



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