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  2. History (of feminist rituals in the Passover seder)
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  3. Ritual (Miriam's Cup Ritual for the Passover seder)
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    2. Origin of Miriam's Cup
    3. The Legend of Miriam's Well
    4. The Orange on the Seder Plate
  4. Biography (Biographies of notable Jewish women to recall at the Passover seder)
    1. Letty Cottin Pogrebin
      1. Pogrebin print version
    2. Henrietta Szold
      1. Szold print version
    3. Hannah Szenes
      1. Szenes print version
    4. Ruth Gruper
      1. Gruber print version
    5. Emma Lazarus
         a. Lazarus print version
    6. Bella Abzug
      a. Abzug print version
    7. Rebecca Gratz
      a. Gratz print version
    8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
       a. Ginsburg print version
  5. Music (new music for the Passover Seder)
    1. Miriam's Passover Songbook
  6. B'rachot (alternate gender-neutral b'rachot)
    1. Candles
    2. Handwashing
    3. Karpas
    4. Maror
    5. Matzah
    6. Wine
  7. Source (references and art credits)
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    2. References for Biographies
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