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Miriam's Cup: Passover Songbook

Zemer atik

Zemer atik
Od nashuva el nigun atik
vebazener yif veye ëerav.
Od gavia meshumar nashik, nashik,
alizei einayim ulevav.
Tovu, tovu ohaleinu
ki machol hiftaiía.
Tovu, tovu ohaleinu,
od nashuva el nigun atik.

We will return again to an ancient melody
and the song will linger on.
When we raise our glasses together
our eyes and hearts will be bright.
How good are our tents
because thereís dancing there.
How good are our tents,
still we return to an ancient melody.

Music and lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn

Lai, dai, dai, dai ….
Miri'am, Miri'am, bim'heyra, bim'heyra,
Na lamdinu, na lamdinu rikuda'yich, rikuda'yich.

[Miriam come quickly, please teach us your dances.]

Dancing the songs of freedom by the riverside.
Oh you were dancing the songs of freedom by the riverside.

Music and lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn

Women gathering round (4x)
Some carry roses, some carry guns.
For the loss of their mothers, fathers, daughters and sons.
Women gathering round (4x)
Too many claims on the land of the bible.
The spirit of God, oh so frail.
Let the healing between Sarah and Hagar
Be the peace between Isaac and Ishmael.
Women gathering round (4x)
White child, brown child sitting on a fence,
Just a stone's throw from innocence.
Women gathering round (4x)
I see the women of Soweto, the women of Chile,
The women of Middle East.
I see the women of Palau and of Guatemala
Building their vision peace.
Women gathering round (2x)
Women gathering (3x) ...round.

Music by Baruch Chait
Lyrics from Psalm 118:5

Min ha-mei-tzar ka-ra-ti Ya
A-na-ni va-mer-chav Ya.

From a narrow place, I cried out to God. God answered me with wide expanse.

Music by Moshe Nathanson
Lyrics from Haggadah Liturgy

(L'sha-na ha-ba-a) (3x) bi-Y'ru-sha-la-yim (2x)
(L'sha-na ha-ba-a) (2x) bi-Y'ru-sha-la-yim (2x)

Next year in Jerusalem.