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        Miriam's Cup: Ritual

The Origin of Miriam's Cup

Miriam’s Cup originated in a Boston Rosh Chodesh group in the late 1980’s. Based on the Legend of Miriam’s Well (learn more about the Legend of Miriam’s Well in Midrash), Stephanie Loo created a new ritual. A member of the group led a guided meditation during which women gained inspiration and renewal from the Mayim Chayyim (Living Waters) of Miriam’s well, and the group drank from a special vessel called Kos Miriam (The Cup of Miriam).

Members of the group found the ritual so empowering that they adopted the idea of using Kos Miriam on Shabbat. The idea of using Kos Miriam at the Passover Seder was a natural progression because of Miriam’s central role in the Exodus story.